Can a girl get some props?

Tonight’s tech session was titled “Using Props Part 1”; we learned how to use various yoga tools/devices with various yoga poses.  Different props were used for different reasons; here’s a quick review of some of the more interesting prop/pose combinations.

The first pose we did was Reclined Bound Angle, and we used a whopping 6 different pieces of equipment for this one.  Holy cats!  The purpose of using props with this pose was two-fold: to increase the depth of the pose, but perhaps even more importantly to promote deeper relaxation in the pose.  I’m happy to report that the props did both of these things for me.  Here’s a diagram of how the props were used:

Reclined Bound Angle

[Note: You can click on any image to make it larger.  Also regarding the above drawing (and subsequent images to come): My strength is in linguistics (i.e., writing), not schematics (i.e., drawing).  So please be kind as you look at these images.  Certainly have a good chuckle (lord knows I do!), but do so in the spirit of fun.  *smile*]

Alrighty, continuing on…

We did a few more poses involving blocks (Sun Salutations)…

Beginning of Sun Salutation

…blankets (Downward Facing Dog)…

Downward Facing Dog

(keep the thoughts clean, this is a “PG” website…)

…and the plain ol’ wall in the studio (Warrior 2 and Revolved Half Moon).

Warrior II

Revolved Half Moon

We then got to the part of the class where we used other people as props.  We did Seated Twist, and Forward Fold/Back Bend with a fellow student…

Seated Twist

Forward Fold (pink) & Back Bend (blue)

…. but the big daddy of them all was Handstand.  For this one, the student used the wall to get into a “half handstand” (see diagram), while the teacher put one of their feet on either side of the student’s neck for support.  Seriously!  And guess who my partner was for this one?  One of the few men in the class – and he was over 6’ tall!  We must have looked like quite the combination; but, it worked.  [Again, clean thoughts…]


During one of the earlier poses (Warrior 2) my pose partner looked at me, and kind of squinted, and said, “You look very familiar to me.  Have we met before?”  I responded that I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t think so, but what was her name?  She told me her first name, and then recognition instantly hit me, and I stated her last name very enthusiastically.  (“Sue SMITH?!”)  She was my belly dancing teacher lo those many years ago – get out of town!  (For more details about how belly dancing is involved in the journey that got me to this point in my yoga practice, see the “About My Yoga Journey” section of this very website.)  Wow; talk about a very small world.  Ah, “coincidences” are funny.  (And for those of you who know me, you know I don’t believe in “coincidences”.)

All in all, tonight’s session was quite the interesting one.  I can only wonder what next week’s class might bring…



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One Response to Can a girl get some props?

  1. John Aughey says:

    Love the stick figure drawings and the commentary.

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