Flexibility in centering

This evening’s tech class was about centering: the act/process of transitioning out of the daily goings-on of “typical” life, and in to a period of time dedicated to yoga.   In the 90-minute class session, we experienced four different centering methods (seated, lying down, standing, and holding a specific pose for a few minutes), and then discussed each one.

Centering can be as quick as one minute (literally), or as long as five, ten, even fifteen minutes or longer.  Centering can be simple (“Look over your body; identify any places that are tight or sore; and invite those places to relax, to loosen, to heal.  Feel your body growing more healthy.”), or even more simple (“Breathe.”); or centering can be really involved (entailing visualizations, hand mudras, chanting, etc.).  Basically, centering can be anything anyone wants it to be; so long as centering achieves the desired goal (which is generally helping a person relax and focus on the present moment) there is no “wrong” way to do it.  There are as many centering methods, techniques, and practices as there are people in the world; and this flexibility feels wide, inclusive, and expansive to me.  In a word, it feels lovely.

I felt very comfortable in this tech session; one of the “side benefits” of centering is that it lays some basic groundwork for meditation (should a yoga student reach the stage in their practice where they are ready to [and want to] address those segments of the total yoga experience).  And meditation is a sphere in which I feel semi-informed and competent; so the content of this class felt familiar, and contented, and secure.  Safe.  I had a sense of ease with it.  It was a nice shift from some other sessions where I feel energized, but also slightly lacking; where I feel simultaneously eager, yet a tiny bit anxious; where I’m excited (and truly delighted) to be learning, but where I also realize I’m not quite proficient at the topic just yet.  (Yet.  It will all come, with patience, and practice, and preparation.)  This session felt calm to me.  Peaceful.  It felt like home.

It was, in effect, very centering.  How lovely.  : )



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