Yoga Hands

Tonight I had a tech session focused on hands.  The 90-minute class was segmented into three parts:

1) Hand structure and alignment: anatomy of human hands (27 bones in each!), and how hands should be placed on the yoga mat (where fingers go, how weight should be distributed, how wrists should be lined up, etc.).

2) Hand care: wrist strengthening and stretching exercises, and self-hand-massage techniques.

3) Using hands: specifically around adjusting other people in a yoga class setting.

I’d like to be able to report that I learned cool new information, or that I had some good insights leaving the session; but really, this class was just kind of “blah” for me.  The instructor was fine in that she gave us information, and it all did connect to the topic at hand (ba dum bum!); but the class felt quite disjointed to me – I just didn’t feel a flow or rhythm to it.  We started on bones, then bam! went into some sun salutations, then stop! let’s sit on the floor and examine alignment, then boom! now do an adjustment on a partner, then blam! here are some wrist strengthening exercises…. I felt like the whole class was stop-and-go, stop-and-go, like struggling to make progress in rush-hour traffic, or riding in a car with the person who uses the brake as their primary pedal… I just didn’t feel a natural progression in the content being shared; and so I left, getting the info I think I needed, but struggling to integrate it all into one message for my mind to package and store.



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