It’s all just so weird!

Tonight’s tech class was just weird; there is no better way to describe it.  I don’t know if I will be able to fully articulate the strangeness that I felt during this session, but I’ll try.  Here goes.

This was the first instruction session I have had at night time; so it was very different to see city darkness through the wall of windows at the front of the studio space, instead of the usual sunshine and blue sky I have come to expect.  But fine, it’s night time, so it’s dark – I get it.  However, there was a lot more than just darkness going on this evening; there were also huge bolts of heat lightning occurring intermittently throughout the entire 90-minute class.  I’m talking about the kind of lightening that lets you see all the way across the city, for less than a second at a time.  The kind of lightening that illuminates the sky so much that one’s mind gets confused, thinking, “Holy crap, is it day already?”, only to immediately be thrust back into literal blackness.  Cool stuff, but weird, too.

Okay, so the visuals tonight are tweaking a bit.  Now let’s layer on the audio.

The building this yoga studio is in is an old warehouse structure, five different floors in all.  So, many different groups and businesses occupy space in the building, and one of those groups is a theater company (that has a very cool mission).  They must have had a show coming up or something, because all evening long, I heard snippets of sounds reminiscent of a symphonic band tuning their instruments before the start of a concert.  However, the tuning was sporadic, and each iteration only lasted 10-15 seconds. So I would hear 10 seconds of sound, then nothing for 5 minutes.  Then 5 seconds of sound, and then silence for another 10 minutes.  Strange.

Then came the rain.  Sheets of rain.  Rain that threatened to break windows, to flood the city streets; rain that was so heavy and thick and big you truly thought it might never end.

Visuals?  Check.  Audio?  Check.  Tactile sensations?  Check.

It’s all weird.

And I haven’t even begun to describe the actual reason why I was at the studio this evening, which was to receive yoga instruction.  Oh goodness.

The topic of this tech session was the back and spine.  The teacher began by giving us a mini anatomy lesson on the three sections of the physical spine (cervical spine, thoracic spine, and lumbar), then gave us a mini lesson on the energetic spine (the ida and the pingela, and kundilini in general).  She then reviewed various asanas (poses) with us, kept us in them for varying lengths of time, and then had us “guess” as to which part of the spine each pose was affecting.

I’ve had this instructor before, and I don’t really resonate with her teaching style.  To me, she feels disjointed and scattered; my impression is that she doesn’t really have a plan for what she wants to accomplish in a class, but instead just kind of “wings it”, talking about and moving through whatever comes to her in the moment.  That “impromptu” style probably works for some people, but it just isn’t something I like, nor appreciate. So…

The weird teaching, coupled with the weird setting, weird scene, and weird activities going on around me, made for a very weird tech session.




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