A youth-focused yoga session

I ain’t gonna lie: I am a little bit sore today.

But – I want to emphasize the “little bit” part, because it is important.  A few months ago, I likely would have been wildly sore after a workout like the one I experienced last night.  To be only slightly sore the next day is notable progress.  Cool.

Okay, so on with Class #2 of visiting instructor weekend.  (Click here to catch up on Class #1.)

The theme of this morning’s class was growth and vitality, and the message was largely that age is more of a function of attitude than years.  How we are on the inside, how vibrant we are in our soul, how much we can enjoy any given day, these are much better measures of age than a count of the number of days we have seen.

The comment about being able to really enjoy any given day struck me.  I have always been described as mature for my age, and several people have overtly labeled me an “old soul” – and it absolutely showed in my daily life.  Even as a small kid, I was over-responsible, hyper-vigilant, and always serious.  I was an old lady attitude inside a little girl body (“damn kids and their loud music!”), and while I looked young, I acted old – and I felt old.

That way of being, of living, of existing, eventually caught up with me, and ceased to serve me.  Over the past three years, I have made a conscious effort to relax, loosen up, let go, accept, and have some damn fun in my life!  Sadly, I had to discover and learn what “fun” even meant.  Happily, I rose to the challenge, and am enjoying figuring it all out.  :)  However, the daily challenge remains: Can I enjoy any given day, regardless of external factors and forces?

Dave (the instructor) weaved four or five different components of a “youthful” attitude into this morning’s class, but two in particular stood out to me:

  1. Along the lines of “we are as sick as our secrets”, but a bit deeper still: We are sick (physically, mentally, spiritually) when we fail to fully feel our life – all of our life.  We not only need to uncover, become aware/conscious of, and face all of our crummy mess inside our minds and our hearts; we need to honestly feel it.  What moves through us can then move out of us; and while the feeling can be painful, it’s necessary.  The upside is that if we do the feeling ASAP (ideally, feel the emotions and sensations at the same time the event is actually occurring), we get to live much happier, younger lives.
  2. Changing adversity to advantage. We all face crap; can we use that crap to develop a deeper, more solid character?  Or will the crap cut us down, and cut us off from life?  How can we use adversity to our advantage instead of our annihilation?

So, all that was the emotional context of this morning’s class.  From the physical point of view, this session was about 50% the same as last night’s class – which means about half of the poses we did this morning were different.  :)  But, then intensity level of this morning’s class was just the same as last night – namely, pretty darn difficult.  However, the playlist from this morning’s session was awesome!!  Dave played some of my most favorite songs – literally! – including:

And many more.

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

My fingers and toes were tapping during many a pose this morning – I definitely felt young during this experience.

Now that the session is finished, though, and I’ve been sitting for an hour, I’m starting to physically feel both stiff and sore.  I wonder how this afternoon’s session is going to play out – I don’t know if my body will enjoy another super-intense workout today.  But – that class is still 90 minutes away; so let’s stay in the present, and enjoy the life I have right now.  I like being young.  : )


Post Script: In the hour of open time between today’s morning and afternoon sessions, I went to Dave’s blog and started reading.  (He told part of a story during this morning’s session from his website that had me literally laugh out loud, so I popped over to his online space to see if I could find the full version to read.  While I didn’t find that same story, I did find several others that made me chuckle – and one that did produce an audible guffaw.)  Dave’s “irreverent” style probably isn’t for everybody, but I do kinda like it. :) Here’s a link to his blog if you’d like to check it out for yourself.


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