Yoga Rap

I mentioned in the 8/29/10 Core Session post that I wrote and performed a rap as part of a presentation on the niyama of saucha, and I offered to share the lyrics.  So, here you go.  :)

An original rap written and performed by Stefanie

Hey yogis, hey yogis, hey, hey, hey yogis!
Hey yogis, hey yogis, hey, hey, hey yogis!

So you think I can’t rap about cleanliness?
Well I’m here to tell you that’s a big hot mess

We’re here to teach about niyamas you see
The first is Saucha and it’s all ‘bout purity.

Big P’s Yoga Sutra states we gotta be clean
We gotta make our homes shine, we gotta make our teeth gleam.

But pure on the outside is only half the story
We also gotta work to make our insides holy.

We need to free our mind from all those crabby thoughts
From the gripes and the judgments and the pesky mental knots.

We view our practice and our body and our mind as sacred
When we observe saucha we won’t be misled.

So now let’s get specific, let’s really check this out
What will guide us towards joy, what will lead us from doubt?

Don’t be cranky – that’s not saucha.
Don’t be stanky – that’s not saucha.
Don’t be wasteful – that’s not saucha.
Don’t be hateful – that’s not saucha.

Clean your house and car – that’s good saucha.
Eat the salad bar – that’s good saucha.
Do some Pranayama – that’s great saucha.
Honor your mama – now we’re talkin’ saucha!

Don’t eat food that’s naughty – that’s poor saucha.
Don’t pollute your body – that’s bad saucha.
Escape the daily grind – that’s good saucha.
Purify your mind – that’s great saucha!

So eat good foods, drink clean water
Keep your spirits light, don’t let life be a bother.

Saucha’s meant to help you stay happy, lean, and clean
So that your life can expand and your inner bliss can beam.

[Refrain]: It’s called saucha, it ain’t a sloucha
Clean up your coucha, don’t be a groucha
[Repeat as desired]

If you still think there’s no place in yoga for rap
I think I just proved that’s a load of … Peace!


9/3/10 Update: A friend asked me to record my performance; and being a sucker, I agreed.  So, here are my 2:30 minutes of humiliation; but for a good cause.
*sigh, then smile*


About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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8 Responses to Yoga Rap

  1. John Aughey says:

    The heading says it was written and performed by Stephanie. I don’t see a performance here. You have an iPhone 4, I know it takes video. You need to record and post the performance!

  2. Stef says:

    Wow, you are sassy! ;) Yes, I have an iPhone 4, and yes, it takes video. However, I’m not Stephanie… so we’ll just have to get her to perform, no? ;)

  3. John Aughey says:

    If you can find Stefanie, I’m sure she’d be willing to perform it. She’s a nice girl.

  4. Stef says:

    Yeah, she’s pretty cool. :) Okay… it’ll get done. My husband is unavailable to help me the next two days (welcome to football season), but as we have a nice long weekend coming up we can get ‘er done before the end of Labor Day. Can you wait that long?

  5. John Aughey says:

    I think you’re betting on me forgetting over the long weekend.

  6. Stef says:

    You just made me laugh out loud! :) I’m a woman of my word; it will happen. Probably not tonight, but barring any crazy technical difficulties (i.e., I’ve never posted to You Tube before) it will be done and up before the end of the day Monday. [And if I do happen to experience any technical issues, I suspect you’d be more than willing to help me out…] ;)

  7. John Aughey says:

    *tap* *tap* *tap* :-)

  8. Stef says:

    I know, it’s been two whole days! Wow, c’mon Stef – slacker! But no pressure or anything… ;)

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