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Refining, fine-tuning, adjusting

This morning I had a tech session focused on adjusting students in various asanas (poses). Adjustments can be verbal or physical: When a teacher gives a student a specific verbal direction (such as “Move your foot there”), that’s an adjustment. … Continue reading

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A little blast from the past

This evening I attended a tech session on Kundalini Yoga, one of the various styles of yoga currently taught in the US.  Kundalini can seem like one of the more “fringe” (or dare I say “cult-ish”) kinds of yoga, and … Continue reading

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Where do the arms really begin?

Today was the second (of four) core anatomy sessions in my yoga teacher training program; and this session focused on the upper limbs of the body.  (Arms, shoulders/shoulder blades, hands, and a little bit on the vocal diaphragm [as opposed … Continue reading

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Restraint + acceptance + trust = joy & peace

This morning I took a tech session taught by a guest teacher on the topic of “Yoga for a Healthy Back”.  As I’m “getting older” (which is ridiculous for me to even contemplate, but it’s true – over the past … Continue reading

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Invite, don’t impose

After two back-to-back classes of not-good instruction, today’s core session got back on track; the teacher this afternoon was incredible. The focus of this session was anatomy. I’ve never had an anatomy class before, and while I find the body … Continue reading

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Started so hopeful; ended so disappointed.

This afternoon I had a yoga workshop with a visiting teacher.  I was very excited to get back to the studio; it’s been over a week since I’ve been to class, and I’ve missed it! Sadly, this afternoon’s workshop was … Continue reading

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