Lessons from a candy trinket

Today was the third Thursday in a row that I had the same teacher for a tech session; and while tonight’s topic was similar to the previous classes (the content of the earlier classes was modifications, this session’s topic was adjustments; these closely related items that share a wide and blurry line), this evening was a very different experience for me than the previous two sessions had been.

The teacher began the session by spending a small bit of time going over the poses we would be examining during the class (all standing positions, with either feet parallel to one another, or one foot forward and one foot back), then we started moving into various asanas. After a few moments, the instructor asked us to each place a block between our upper legs – basically, to have the block sit right up against our crotch. I’ve done this in classes before; using the block in this way teaches a person how to really engage his/her inner thighs (which are muscles that are usually very lazy, woefully out of shape, and resistant to hard work; frequently, they simply don’t engage unless they are forced to – which is what the block does). So, we’re all standing straight and tall, a yoga block nestled right up against our “goodies”, and the teacher then says, “Okay, now pretend you’re a PEZ dispenser, and push your PEZ out your rear.”

Oh. My. Lord. For whatever reason, that statement hit my central laughter system, and I cracked up giggling. The image was so spot-on; we all totally looked like PEZ dispensers! So my mind then quickly saw a whole class of PEZ people; and then it envisioned actual plastic PEZ characters doing yoga; and that led to a mental affair between a few PEZ individuals and Gumby and Pokey… in my own mind, it was hilarious. I laughed. Couldn’t help myself.

But here’s the really fun part: I wasn’t alone in my laughter. Yes, several of my fellow classmates were also giggling; but more importantly, the teacher was laughing, too. In that moment, I felt (physically felt) the instructor’s desire to share enjoyment and levity with all of us; I sensed her yearning to have this experience be one of joy for all people in the room – herself included.

Now, maybe I’m projecting more on to this instructor than what is accurate, or even fair. Maybe everything I just described (and indeed, perhaps even everything I have been writing about throughout these past 8 months) is just a reflection of my own internal mental/emotional landscape, and has little (or nothing) to do with the other people around me. That is a possibility. Still, for whatever reason, this evening I felt a sense of levity, and lightness, and pleasure from yoga that I haven’t felt in a while now. And I wouldn’t have guessed that this feeling of happiness and joy would have stemmed from tonight’s instructor. Yet, it did.

Which just goes to remind me that I can never really know what might happen next. Situations, contexts, agendas, people can always change. A pretty lofty spiritual message to receive from a cheap plastic toy. Yet apparently, such is the power of PEZ. : )



About Stef

A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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