Observations, both external and internal

As I mentioned in my post from last week about the mentoring component of my yoga teacher training program, one of the requirements I need to fulfill is to observe two beginner-level yoga classes, take notes, and ask any questions that come up for me out of that experience. Today I completed my first observation.

If you would like to read my detailed (and somewhat lengthy) notes, you can access my full write-up here. For those of you who just want the high-level summary, here’s the long and short of today’s class from my point-of-view:

  • The teacher I observed was very, very skilled; I feel very lucky to have stumbled into her class. (And truly, I felt like I really did just kind of fumble my way into choosing her as the teacher to observe. I had never attended a class of hers before; she simply had a beginner class that worked with my schedule, and her online bio looked decent, so I figured I’d take a chance, and just go with it. And yay – I got a great experience out of it!) :)
  • While the class was labeled as a beginner session, some of the asanas (poses) this teacher led were not exactly “beginner” poses. For example, towards the end of the class the teacher gave students the option to try scorpion pose – which ain’t exactly an easy pose to do! Now granted, the teacher did say that not everyone in the class may want to attempt this pose; but still, wowie. Now, all that being said, the teacher did do a fabulous job talking people through how to get into a safe, supported version of this pose – and this was the one point in class where I really wished I was participating instead of just watching. I wanted to play, too!
  • I also had a pretty profound self-reflection/awareness/realization come up during this class. Without getting too personal, basically I saw a student in the class who reminded me a lot of the person I used to be; and I saw another student who seemed to be a lot like the person I am working to become; and I found myself observing these two living ends of the spectrum throughout much of the session. And I realized that currently I am probably somewhere in the middle of these two relative extremes; and I had a clear moment where I ‘saw’ that I am now ready, and truly/honestly/really willing, to take even more actions (that will probably be pretty uncomfortable to me) that will likely help me continue down the path that leads to the attitude, personality, and mental/emotional conditions I want to realize in my life. Now, some of what I just tried to express may very well have gotten lost in the translation from my mind to this written space; but the important thing is that the moment was clear to me; and I now have a new level of willingness that I just didn’t possess before. And so, my journey just got longer, but also deeper…

Anyway, there’s the quick report from today’s experience. All in all, I give this session a double-thumbs up! :)



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A "serious" gal who is trying to remember to lighten up and smile.
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