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The end.

And so, it’s over. My year (plus 2 months) of Yoga Teacher Training is officially finished. I’m now a legitimate, ‘credentialed’ yoga instructor. Some people won’t even think twice about trusting me with their bodies, and will do exactly what … Continue reading

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Taking a seat

Well, this is it – my last yoga class. Actually, let me be more specific (and more accurate): this is my last class for my RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training Program. This is by no means my last yoga class, … Continue reading

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Meeting mudras somewhere in the middle

Today I had my second-to-last yoga class. Just one more, and I’m done with this training program. I’ll be a ‘real-live’ yoga teacher…on paper, anyway. It’s kind of strange to think about, actually. But, I’m not done yet – so … Continue reading

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Yoga of the mind

Today I had a yoga double-header: a tech in the early afternoon, and another tech in the evening. The mid-day session was a class on Yoga Nidra – also known as “yogic sleep”. Considering I was rather fatigued when I … Continue reading

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Many levels of ‘restoration’

Midway through my yoga teacher training experience I took a workshop on Yin Yoga – which is an extensive (and intensive) form of restorative yoga. If you have been following along with my yoga journey, you may recall that my … Continue reading

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Karma Yoga and The Joy Project

One of the requirements of this yoga teacher training program was to work with my peers to complete a Karma Yoga project.  For the purposes of this training curriculum, “Karma Yoga” meant identifying one under-served population (i.e., people who would … Continue reading

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Want versus need

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, one of the requirements of my teacher training program involves mentorship. Two weeks ago I completed my first mentor observation; today I completed my second (and final) one. Detailed (and lengthy) notes from … Continue reading

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