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Yoga on and off the mat

A few weeks ago I explained the mentoring component of my yoga teacher training program: I am to have 3 mentor-teacher group meetings, observe an experienced teacher twice, and take two of that teacher’s “general population” beginner-level yoga class (so … Continue reading

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When the student is ready, the message will appear.

Lately, I’ve been in a yoga funk. The sessions I’m attending for the yoga teacher certification are starting to feel more like obligations and “work” than like enjoyable extra-curricular activities. I’m not getting to physically move in most of these … Continue reading

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Internal organs, external acceptance

This afternoon was a crummy one weather-wise; freezing rain iced the roads late last night, and while most of the highways were relatively clear by mid-morning, the cold rain still drizzled down.  In addition to the not-ideal external conditions, I … Continue reading

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