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A different style of yoga…

One of the *many* things I appreciate about my yoga teacher training program is the large variety of yoga experiences they offer.  The studio is not focused on any singular style of yoga practice; rather, they encourage people to sample, … Continue reading

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A little blast from the past

This evening I attended a tech session on Kundalini Yoga, one of the various styles of yoga currently taught in the US.  Kundalini can seem like one of the more “fringe” (or dare I say “cult-ish”) kinds of yoga, and … Continue reading

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Exploring the limits of contentment

This afternoon was a core instruction session, and it followed the usual structure: asana (pose) examination, niyama (ethics) exploration and conversation, and yoga topic lecture/teaching. We examined two poses today, actually: Extended Side Angle, and Revolved Side Angle.  While the … Continue reading

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Yin Yoga, Take Two

I’m a little shocked: As I got out of bed this morning, I discovered I wasn’t horrifically sore – wow!  My shoulder blade area was slightly tight (formerly this was an area where I had persistent, significant issues – so … Continue reading

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