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Yoga on and off the mat

A few weeks ago I explained the mentoring component of my yoga teacher training program: I am to have 3 mentor-teacher group meetings, observe an experienced teacher twice, and take two of that teacher’s “general population” beginner-level yoga class (so … Continue reading

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Testing some limits; and today, I think I passed.

Another Sunday, another core training session. This 4-hour long class stretched me both physically and mentally; but all in very good ways. The first 90 minutes of class focused on one asana; but this “single” pose has four variations, and … Continue reading

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A day of tapas

And no, I do not mean those small tasty Mexican appetizers. Tapas is defined as “heat”, “fire”, “austerity” – basically, disciplining oneself to overcome frustration and angst, and to accept that which we may not necessarily “like”, in order to … Continue reading

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