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Coming to a close

We have approached the second-to-last class. Well, that’s not completely accurate.  Today was the second-to-last core class.  But in my journey on this teacher training path, I still have one make-up core class to finish (the one that was canceled … Continue reading

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Yoga Sampler

One of the components of this yoga teacher training program is to complete a series of personally-selected classes. Initially, I was going to take a 4-week “Personal Practice Development Series”. In this option, a small group of students works with … Continue reading

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Yoga on and off the mat

A few weeks ago I explained the mentoring component of my yoga teacher training program: I am to have 3 mentor-teacher group meetings, observe an experienced teacher twice, and take two of that teacher’s “general population” beginner-level yoga class (so … Continue reading

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Lessons from a candy trinket

Today was the third Thursday in a row that I had the same teacher for a tech session; and while tonight’s topic was similar to the previous classes (the content of the earlier classes was modifications, this session’s topic was … Continue reading

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Yoga Rap

I mentioned in the 8/29/10 Core Session post that I wrote and performed a rap as part of a presentation on the niyama of saucha, and I offered to share the lyrics.  So, here you go.  :) Saucha An original … Continue reading

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As I was reviewing my notes from this yoga-intensive weekend, I saw quite a few items that didn’t make it into the final cut of blog posts.  But they are still cool, interesting, random snippets; so here’s a little post … Continue reading

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A youth-focused yoga session

I ain’t gonna lie: I am a little bit sore today. But – I want to emphasize the “little bit” part, because it is important.  A few months ago, I likely would have been wildly sore after a workout like … Continue reading

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