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The Yoga Sutras

One of the requirements of this yoga teacher training program is to read 4 different yoga books, then submit a brief report/reflection on each one.  I have finished my third required text: The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali (with accompanying commentary … Continue reading

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Sanskrit, part deux

This afternoon my yoga group had our second (and final) class on Sanskrit.  We spent the first 60 minutes (of the 2-hour class) reviewing much of the material we learned in the previous session – and in my opinion, this … Continue reading

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The yoga trio: body, heart, mind

This afternoon I had another core yoga session, where we went through two poses, a niyama, and some Sanskrit.  It was an information-intense session; but overall, a good one. The first pose we did was Cow-Face Pose (Gomukhasana). The pose … Continue reading

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