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Yoga of the mind

Today I had a yoga double-header: a tech in the early afternoon, and another tech in the evening. The mid-day session was a class on Yoga Nidra – also known as “yogic sleep”. Considering I was rather fatigued when I … Continue reading

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Yoga on and off the mat

A few weeks ago I explained the mentoring component of my yoga teacher training program: I am to have 3 mentor-teacher group meetings, observe an experienced teacher twice, and take two of that teacher’s “general population” beginner-level yoga class (so … Continue reading

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On to knees and toes – and the psoas

The topic of this afternoon’s core session was anatomy: the lower limbs.  During our previous anatomy class we focused on the upper limbs; in today’s class, we drew quite a bit from that content to examine how similar the arms/hands … Continue reading

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Illness, Irritation, Illumination – oh, and Iyengar

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t feeling very good for much of the day today (tired, headache, feverish), and one of the last things I wanted to do tonight was go to a yoga tech session. I was concerned that I … Continue reading

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Yoga and Self-Love

Visiting instructor Class #3: Yoga and Love.  Wow. Two themes weaved throughout the class: Love is available to us all. But. Instead of searching for love, we instead just need to open; instead of seeking and trying to track and … Continue reading

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The name of the game? FUN.

Today was Core Session #2; and unlike last week’s introductory class, today’s session was a lot less talk, and a lot more action.  Indeed, the teacher told us at the onset that he’s not a fan of lecture in a … Continue reading

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